In her work The Order of Things media artist Cym challenges the viewer to look at every day situations from a different perspective. The work was first published as a book, followed by a photo series, exhibitions and a website. In the work Cym wants to make the viewer more aware of his or her every day surroundings. By leaving a small detail in colour in a black and white photo, the attention of the viewer is directed towards details that would otherwise go unnoticed. The accompanying questions force the viewer to look again, the second time seeing the image from a different perspective, a different angle. It is as if Cym gives us an insight view inside her head. The questions that she asks give us a glimpse of her world, of the way she sees the world. It is a very private, intimate view. At the same time it makes the viewer rethink his or her own views.

The photos show every day life images from the direct surroundings of Cym. By reducing the image to black and white and just leaving a small detail in colour, the images seem to alienate. In the publication The Order of Things Cym connects each photo with a question. Via the question the viewer is forced to look again, the second time with a fresh look, from a new perspective. The questions that Cym asks, give us an insight in how she sees the world around her. At the same time the questions make us wonder how we see the world around us ourselves…

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